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A Mathematical Tour of the Electromagnetic Force

These are chapters of a thesis that have been edited into book form. 

There are physical phenomena in everyday life that are taken for granted simply because the explanation of their behavior closely matches the expectations of the observer. For some of these phenomenon, an extensive body of theoretical knowledge exists which matches the experimental observations. The electromagnetic force is one of these phenomenon. The observer can envision empty space filled with electromagnetic waves, and describe these waves and their effects on matter with mathematical precision. Devices can be constructed, based on electromagnetic theory, that confirm our belief that the electromagnetic phenomena are well understood  that is, observations are produced consistent with expectations. With further investigation new questions arise, requiring a reformulation of the theory which supports these observations.


Title and Introduction

Chapter 1 The Forces of Nature pdf88K
Chapter 2 Classical Field Theory pdf112K
Chapter 3 Maxwell's Equations pdf113K
Chapter 4 Solutions to Maxwell's Equations pdf98K
Chapter 5 The Radiated Field pdf117K
Chapter 6 Antennas and Radiated Fields pdf100K
Chapter 7 Principle of Relativity pdf173K
Chapter 8 Hamiltonian Mechanics pdf132K
Chapter 9 Lagrangian of the Electromagnetic Field pdf56K
Chapter 10 A Preview of Quantum Mechanics pdf152K
Chapter 11 Gauge Theory pdf104K
Chapter 12 Mathematical Foundation of Quantum Mechanics pdf117K
Chapter 13 Postulates of Quantum Mechanics pdf123K
Chapter 14 Foundation of Quantum Field Theory pdf78K
Chapter 15 Quantizing the Classical Radiation Field pdf37K
Chapter 16 Gauge Theory and the Creation of Photons pdf57K
Chapter 17 Vacuum State Fluctuations pdf76K
Chapter 18 Bibliography pdf182K

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