3.1.4 SWEBOK
Software Engineering Body of Knowledge is a cooperative development between the IEEE and the IEC 12207 guidelines
SWEBOK Processes
Impacts on Systems Engineering approach to Project Management
Initiation and scope definition
Effective determination of process and or project requirements through elicitation methods and the assessment of the process / project feasibility from a variety of standpoints
An iterative process driven by the scope, requirements, and the establishment of feasibility
Plans are implemented and the processes embodied in the plans are enacted. Focus on adherence to plans, with an over- riding expectation that such adherence will lead to the successful satisfaction of the requirements and achievement of the process / project objectives.
Review and evaluation
At critical points in the process / project overall project towards achievement of the stated objectives and requirements is evaluated
The process / project reaches closure when all of the plans and embodied processes have been enacted and completed