Motivation System Engineering Models INCOSE Model Fundamentals of any systems approach Basic steps in the systems process Vee Model Tuft's Model Plowman's model Nine Project Management Principles Program Management Framework CMMI IPPD Project Management Quick tour of Agile principles XP SCRUM DSDM Systems engineering discipline Type 1: Discovery Type 2: Program Systems Engineering Type 3: Approach Systems Engineering Framework Management Organizational Systems Engineering Processes SIMILAR Project Management Frameworks Bodies on Knowledge PMBOK DoD PMBOK Systems Engineering BOK SWEBOK COBIT Planning and organizing Acquisition and implementation Delivery and support Monitoring SEI CMMI IPPD Corporate Construction Aerospace Information technology EAI 748 Sidebars Agile Processes Matrix of Agile and PM Map to IPPD processes Map to PMBOK Matrix of Agile and SE Map to SE process model Map to SE principles Map to SE process Gaps in Agile Business process gaps Requirements management gaps Process improvement gaps Measurement gaps Closure of the gaps Concepts that cause problems Planning Measurement Cost and schedule integration Architecture Documentation Requirements management Putting in all together Revisiting SE concepts PM is a systems process Products are the outcome Where to start Scalability Integration with business processes Business domains Business systems Mission critical Realtime processes Systems integration Bibliography