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When asked the question "what do you know about?" I'm usually stuck with making a long list of things that simply confuses the listener. This table is just such a list. It is in no particular order for no special reason other than it appears to make it easier to read.

These areas of course are only the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to delivering on this knowledge. The key to delivering value is knowing what "not" to do in each of the domain areas.

APL Anti-Patterns CAD CORBA based systems architecture Data Modeling
Enterprise Asset Management Product Data Management Enterprise Resource Planning Oracle Configuration Management
Constraint based programming Business Development European Product Compliance Available to Promise Systems Legacy System Migration
Product Configurators Balanced Scorecard for IT management objectives Prolog, for adaptive decisions making Java and Java based product development Visual Basic
Fortran and numerical programming PL/1 J2EE Fault Tolerant Computing Real time Process Control
Performance Modeling Markov Chains and stochastic models Queuing Models System Process Modeling Signal Processing
IT Strategies Business Process Reengineering Workflow Document Management Image scanning

Process Safety Management

OSHA 1910.119

Emergency Shutdown systems Software Process Improvement Agile Methodologies
System Architecture Project Management Program Management Product Marketing Software Quality Assurance
UML Enterprise Application Integration Patterns SQL Server Risk Management
Object Oriented Design Business Process Improvement Rapid Development Methodologies Manufacturing Systems Petrochemical Systems
Pulp and Paper Systems Media Asset Management Newspaper Publishing Wire Services Pharmaceutical Systems
Construction Management Systems Semiconductor manufacturing infrastructure Engineering Change Control High Integrity Systems Business Finance Modeling
Electric Utilities Nuclear Power Turbine Engine Controls Radar Signal Processing Embedded Real time Systems
XML newsML VoIP Distributed exception handling OSHA §1910.119 compliance
TÜV Compliant Systems Windows NT ERP Systems Monte Carlo Modeling Real Options
Performance Metrics Microsoft Project Server Enterprise Project Management IT Governance CobiT Quality Assurance
Software V&V Development Management Team Building and Self Directed Teams Business Development for IT and SW Products and Services  

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