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Project, Program, and Management BLOGs and Other Interesting Sites

BLOG's are a means of keeping informed on a topic without actually speaking with a person everyday. They also are wonderful sources of "linked" information that connects a community or practice. BLOG's seem to be moving away from simple chatting about a topic and toward "information radiators" to use Alistair Cockburn's analog.

David Anderson resources for agile management

Kimberly Black hosts the Agile Business Navigator

Laurent Bossavit conversations about agile topics

Mishkin Berteig writes about agile processes

William Caputo XP and other related topics

Dale Emery contains conversation with Dale

Martin Fowler's numerous software topics

Joel on Software commentary an agile development resources

Learning about Lean is a starting point for lean construction and lean manufacturing

De Luca on Feature Driven Development

Chris Matts agile business processes

MadSax focuses on thinking about project leadership in an agile environment

Keith Ray's discussions as well as good links to other software process logs

Bret Pettichord writes about testing

Jason Yip talks about Agile software development and sometimes projects

Brad Appleton agile configuration management environment

Clarke Ching writes about agile development and project management

Construction Industry Blog by Matt Stevens of Stevens Construction Institute

Jack Dahlgren writes about projects

Esther Derby Software Process Management

Tom Evslin writes about management

Cem Kaner testing, safety, and legal issues

Brian Kennemer deploying and using Microsoft Project Server

Hal Macomber writes about lean Project Management and Construction

Mind Manager commentary from Hobie Swan

Mind Jet from Mike Jetter

Dave McNamee high speed low drag project management

Keith Rowe talks about project management and Visual Studio

Frank Patrick is a proponent of the Theory of Constraints for project management

Michael Flanagan writes about recovering from IT project problems

Project Performance is a Prince2 focused site

Virtual Projects is a German site talking about virtual organizations

Johanna Rothman managing product development

Johanna Rothman hiring technical people

Steven Seay provides tips, hints and helpful information about project management

Phil Wolff writes about projects

Visatask, although not formally a Blog, it has useful PM resources

All Consuming is a web site that watches BLOG's for references to books

Jim Berkowitz's CRM BLOG

Boxes and Arrows is a site for architecture and design of information architecture

Fast Company's Blog

Joe Ely writes about lean manufacturing

Michael Hamman writes on projects, language and design

Jonathan Kohl writes testing

Stephen Norrie writes about software development and related topics

Marc Orchant's Outlook on Productivity is part of the Office Zealot list

Jerry Pournelle lays claim to the original BLOG

Evelyn Rodriguez intersection of technology culture, innovation and leadership

A.J. Vasaris writes about project, process and business improvement

Phillip Windley writes about enterprise computing

John Patrick writes about the internet and its impact on society

Worthwhile is a site about business and ethics

Technorati is a web log watcher. One of the better features is its Book Watch

Bea Fields Five Star Leader discusses business coaching

Business writes about general business issues

Amy Gahram News and musings on how we communicate in the online age

Christoph Cemper writes about technology, project management and marketing

Corante is a daily news service on technology

Robert X. Cringley writes for PBS on computer topics

Martin Geddes discussion of the telecommunications industry

Seth Gordin writes about marketing

Mitch Kapor founder of Lotus has lots to say about almost everything technical

Dave Levy writes IT Consulting and Technology

Craig Laram is an author is many excellent books

Nu Cardboard is Alan Green's software development web log with some PM stuff

Ray Ozzie writes about technology and as an original Notes member

Johanna Rothman writes about Managing Product Development

Bruce Schneier writes about cyber security and cryptography

Jim Shore maintains a WIKI site talking about various software development issues

Clay Shirky writes about economics & culture, media & community, open source

Aaron Swartz writes about technology and social change

New Things is hosted by Jonathan Weitz

Venture Capital BLOG, a tour down Sand Hill Road, in Menlo Park, CA

Gerry Weinberg has lots to say about the human processes of software development

Google Weblog is a conversation about Google

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