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Software Engineering Resources

The materials dedicated to software engineering is nearly boundless. Here are some links that are focused on the practical aspects of the problem. There are related links at Software Process Improvement.


Association of Computing Machinery. This site contains the journals and magazines of the ACM.


Bootstrap Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to continuous improvement of the BOOTSTRAP Methodology. In practice the BOOTSTRAP Institute is a network of European organizations co-operating to support the BOOTSTRAP Methodology and to exchange software process improvement (SPI) experiences.


Blur Box is an online fourm dedicated to methodologies for software development. The site is hosted by Rob Lineberger. His Masters Thesis is  the basis of the concept of iterative development methodologies and their application to IT projects.


CeBase (Center for Empirically Based Software Engineering) was organized to support software organizations in answering the key questions:

  • What is the best life-cycle process model to choose for this particular project?

  • What is an appropriate balance of effort between inspections and testing in a specific context?

  • What are the benefits, if any, to buy a readily available software component instead of developing it?


Crosstalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. This electronic magazine has articles on SEI CMM, software process improvement, and related topics.


Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland College Park. The University of Maryland is the focus for advanced concepts in software process and experimentation. is a universal tool platform consortium.


Empirical Software Engineering Research Group, University of Bournemouth, provide empirial studies on software process improvement methods.


Ethics of Software Engineering is an outline of the ethical issues associated with developing software products.


The Future of Software Engineering is A book and on-line resources (including links) prepared by the software engineering community to celebrate the millennium and as part of the 22nd International Conference on Software Engineering. This site is hosted by the Software Systems Group University College, London Technology Transfer program.


GANTT Head is a site dedicated to project management activities


IEEE Computer Society. This site contains links to Computer and Software, which are magazines. These publications contain practical articles for use in everyday activities.

Informational Software Engineering resource list from Tantara

Institute for Software Research International creates innovative solutions to the problems of practical, large-scale, high-quality software-intensive systems for the new millenium. Our focus is on systems that exploit the growing infrastructure for high performance, nearly ubiquitous computing and communication, especially systems that the public depends on for services provided through the electronic marketplace.


International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)  is an international professional organization dedicated to systems engineering.


International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN) is a community that believes software engineering research needs to be performed in an experimental context. By doing this we will be able to observe and experiment with the technologies in use, understand their weaknesses and strengths, tailor the technologies for the goals and characteristics of particular projects and package them together with empirically gained experience to enhance their reuse potential in future projects.


IBM Center for Software Engineering is a site dedicated to the advancement of the state of the art in technology and practice of software engineering in industry. This site has several important sub–sites:

Orthogonal Defect Analysis is a scheme to capture the semantics of each software defect quickly. It is the definition and capture of defect attributes that make mathematical analysis and modeling possible. Analysis of ODC data provides a valuable diagnostics method for evaluating the various phases of the software life cycle (design, development, test and service) and the maturity of the product.

Software Data Analysis provides software engineering research for the exploration and modeling of the data from the various aspects of the software development and service.

Testing provides useful tools for increasing the skill and the productivity (in terms of effort and effectiveness) of the software tester in the areas of function test and system/application test.


Literate Programming is intended to improve the documentation abilities of the native programming language. Literate programming is the combination of documentation and source code together in a fashion suited for reading by human beings.


Project Management Pattern Language is a Wiki page with patterns for project management activities, which is part of a developing book


Retrospectives is a site dedicated to looking back in order to improve the outcome of the future.

Roger Pressman's site provide a good source of software engineering and process improvement resources. Roger's reference library


Software Engineering Institute's home page. Anyone who calls themselves a professional software engineer must be a member of several groups, this is one. The IEEE Computer Society and the ACM are the others. There are more, but these are the minimum.


A list of Software Engineering readings. It's a bit dated but a good start on a bibliography.


Software Engineering Information Resource (SEIR) is hosted by the Software Engineering Institute provides a forum for the contribution and exchange of information concerning software engineering improvement activities.


Software Engineering Research Center. This site contains many useful papers and links to other papers on nearly every subject in the field of software engineering.


Software Engineering Institute for Information Technology of the Canadian National Research Council, Canada's premier science and technology research organization, is a leader in scientific and technical research, the diffusion of technology and the dissemination of scientific and technical information.


SoftPro Books index of software engineering materials. – is a "startup" SWE information site containing references to other sites content. 

Software Management Network is a Resource for IT Service Management and Software Mainteannce

Software Reality is a site with resources for software developers and those who manage them.


Software Tech News This site is a clearing house for software technology issues. It is sponsored by the Department of Defense, but contains many useful resources for the commercial software development community.


Software Productivity Consortium This is a DoD sponsored consortium aimed at improving software productivity. "Military Intelligence" might be an oxymoron, but the DoD spends more money on software development than any other single organization, and some of what they've come up with is worth a close look.

As well the SPC has a nice library of materials for public use.


TeleLogic is the host site for the DOORS requirements management tool set.

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